Tickets buy & return

We try hard to make our events most accessible, that’s why we offer you several possibilities to buy your tickets. Choose the most convenient way for you to buy tickets:


Choose your event in Events, and click on “Buy ticket” button. Please fill in your contact phone number, e-mail, first name and last name, and accept processing your personal data.

After you have chosen your seats, your order would be moved to basket. Your payment should be made within 20 minutes since the order is completed. VISA, MASTERCARD, or «MIR» cards are accepted.

After payment is confirmed, the e-ticket and receipt are sent to your e-mail.

In case of any difficulties with your purchase, please contact ticket operator’s technical service hotline: +7 (800) 777-20-31.

At the entrance of a hall show your ticket – either printed, or digital.

If you need to have a document of strict accountability, you can receive it once in Zaryadye Hall box office in exchange for the ticket purchased via www.zaryadyehall.com. You only need to name the number of your order/phone, or show printed out e-ticket.

Please, protect your e-ticket from copying, for it’s the first shown ticket that allows a visitor enter the hall.

Discount programme #зарядисьмузыкой is for online purchases also

Are box offices are open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM, Moscow, ul. Varvarka, Vl. 6, Bldg. 4. Our cashiers would be glad to inform you about the best concerts.

Due to high demand for our events, we have to limit tickets only to 6 per customer. However, Zaryadye Hall reserves its right to reduce the number to 4 or even 2 tickets per customer.

Box office clerk has the right to demand your contact information, and some personal information.

We accept only Russian roubles, cash as well as cards: MASTERCARD, VISA, MAESTRO, «MIR».

We kindly ask you to keep your ticket printed out by cashier to the form of strict accountability, and your cheque – if lost or damaged, they are not subject to neither restoration nor duplication.

You can purchase tickets from operators authorized by Zaryadye Hall. Check Partners to see current list of the operators..

Attention! Buy tickets only from reliable box offices, companies, etc. When you buy your ticket from persons or companies that have no special agreement with Zaryadye Hall, then you bear full responsibility in case your ticket is false.

You can book your ticket in advance via +7 (499) 222-00-00, 7 days a week, from 10 AM to 10 PM with no break. Or you can send your request to: tickets@zaryadyehall.com.

Please, be ready to provide the operator with all the necessary information concerning your personal data, and leave your contact number. Later, you can pay for your ticket, and get it, at Zaryadye Hall box office, just name the number of your reservation. Please, be ready to show the cashier tour identity document in order to check ut with the data in your order.

The period of reservation is 48 hours since the order is made, then the reservation is cancelled automatically. Zaryadye Hall is in a position to change the period or availability of reservation.

Zaryadye Hall is in a position to decline your order, if indications of abuse of the service occur, or you make too many unpaid orders.

If you want to organize a visit for your company’s stuff, please send a letter of application printed on the official form of your company with the requisites of the company, and the number of tickets you want, to: tickets@zaryadyehall.com.

Our specialists will contact you to discuss possibilities and terms of booking. After the contract is signed, and money transferred, the tickets would be printed out and given to your representative who should show his documents.

We can also provide your guests with buffet in a separate zone, and this possibility is further discussed. Special offer is given when 100 or more tickets are bought.

The right to buy 2 tickets per 1 person out of turn, for persons who can show passport and proving documents, is given to the following categories of citizens:

  • Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Hero of Russia
  • Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory
  • Hero of Socialist Labor
  • Labour Hero of the Russian Federation
  • Full Cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory
  • Great Patriotic War veteran / invalid
  • Combat veteran / invalid
  • Inhabitants of besieged Leningrad
  • Teenage prisoner of concentration camp / gettoes / other detention sites created by Nazi and Nazi allies during the WWII

Benefits are also given to the following categories of citizens, with relevant documents:

  • Orphaned children and children left without parental care; students who are orphaned children and children without parental care who permanently live in Moscow – 100 %, that is free admission, given when free seats are available;
  • Great Patriotic War participants and equal categories, combat veterans – preferential use of all services of Zaryadye Hall;
  • Pre-school children, students, invalids, military personnel performing compulsory military service: a benefit (price discount) is established for certain events, with a quota.

As soon as Zaryadye Hall receives from the promoter any information of cancellation, change, or reschedule of the event, the Hall immediately puts the information on its website, while also informing audience via message sent to the relevant contacts.

Tickets bought for an event postponed or changed, are valid for the newly announced event, though you still have the right to return ticket before the original data of the event.

When an event is cancelled, tickets could be returned from the day the order of cancellation is issued, to 10 days after the originally set date of the cancelled event.

When an event is cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled, money is returned for the tickets purchased via our website, Zaryadye Hall box office, and via OOO “MTDZK” with documents of strict accountability of OOO “MTDZK”. Tickets purchased via other ticket operators are returned to respective ticket operator.

To return ticket to Zaryadye Hall box office you should show your passport, and original ticket – unused and intact, and the cash voucher proving you purchase of the ticket.

To return money for electronic ticket, send application to vozvrat@zaryadyehall.com. The application is considered within 10 working days..

Download the application form for ticket return

If there are more than 10 days left before the event, 100% of face value of the ticket is returned, more than 5 days – 50 %, more than 3 days – 30 %. Please remember, that you can not return your ticket if less than 3 days until the event are left.

Zaryadye Hall reserves the right to refuse to take back a ticket bought with a discount. Tickets return in connection with violation of Rights of the Hall is not implemented.