Plan your visit

After purchasing your ticket, please make sure to arrive to Zaryadye Hall 30 minutes before the concert starts, so that you would be in no hurry finding your parking place, if you need one, and find your chair in a hall.

The audience is allowed to take their sits after the first ring, and not allowed to enter a hall after the third ring.

Большой зал

Малый зал

If you feel you’re late, and can’t get into a hall after the third ring, you only can enter when a pause between parts of the programme occurs.

Some programmes, however, are performed non-stop. In that case, late-comers could watch live broadcasting at the monitors either at the foyer of 2nd floor, or at one of the cafes of the concert hall.

If you by any reason leave the hall you only can come back to your seat during the break.

Classical concert programmes are recommended to children aged 7 and over.

Children from 3 to 11 years old should rather visit concerts and events marked by hashtags #зарядисьдетям and #зарядисьзнанием.

Separate ticket should be bought for children aged 5 and over.

You can purchase printed programme from our stuff at the foye, near every enter to a hall.

Or you can download your chosen programme from our website. Just choose your concert, and click on the event to download or see the programme of the concert.

Each programme contains following information: set list length, number and length of breaks/no breaks, artists names, and pieces to be performed.

Foyers include open bar and café spaces.

  • Bar on the 1st floor hosts up to 100 persons
  • Café on the 2nd floor hosts up to 400 persons
  • Café on the 2nd floor hosts up to 400 persons



Due to particular acoustic qualities of Zaryadye Hall, we kindly ask all visitors regardless of their age not to make noise or disturb other visitors and artist in any other way during the whole performance.

Please, switch off all your electronic devices, mobile phones, alarm clocks before the concert starts. Please refrain from talking, coughing, and rustling while artists are on stage.

Claps between movements are not welcome.

We recommend you dress comfortably, wear smart clothes according to the season. Sport style, provocative style, and beach look are considered inappropriate.

Dear friends!

Attending spectacles, shows, concerts, and other theatre and visual programmes, cultural and educational events, visual and entertainment shows (hereinafter “Events”) of the State Budgetary Culture Institution of the city of Moscow “Moscow Concert Hall ‘Zaryadye’” (hereinafter “the Hall”), the Visitor agrees to observe the following rules:

1 Only tickets purchased through the Hall’s Box Office or approved agents are valid for admission.

2 The ticket is a service contract at the cultural sphere. Buying the ticket, the Visitor accepts the rules and regulations of selling/purchase of tickets, and requirements set for visit of the Event specified in the ticket. The Hall is obliged to provide service by the set date and time at the appropriate technical level and artistic quality.

3 The ticket is valid for a single person irrespective of age, unless otherwise specified by the Hall or the organizer of the event.

4 Lost tickets cannot be restored nor reissued.

5 Automatic system of ticket sales creates your ticket according to the requirements for the ticket information set by the Order of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation issued 17 December 2008. The ticket thus contains the following information: serial and number of the ticket; name of event; place, data, and time of the event; row and seat number; price for the ticket, and other details that characterize specificity of service.

6 Visitor takes full responsibility for the authenticity of the ticket, in case of the purchase from individual sellers or organizations not authorized by the Hall.

7 In accordance with the Federal law of Russian Federation no. 436-FZ of 2010-12-23 "On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development" each event is subject to age classification. The Hall strictly recommends you while visiting an event to mind age restrictions specified on billboards/tickets; parents or legitimate representatives bear full responsibility for non-compliance with the Law.

8 The Hall does not bear any responsibility for underaged children for whose benefit Visitor buys tickets. Visitor recognizes and agrees that this particular event could be categorized as one of those forbidden for certain categories of citizens to purchase tickets, as well as entering, attending, listening, or watching the event.

9 The Hall does not bear any responsibility for lack of information or wrong age categorization of the event in any information products or online media of tickets sellers or ticket agencies.

10 Comprehensive information on all limitations of Event is published at the Hall’s official website www.zaryadyehall.com.

11 Admission of Visitors to the Hall is carried out according to their tickets using the automated access control system.

12 At the entry to the event, tickets bought under special (preferential) programmes can be checked, and the personality of Visitor identified in order to confirm Visitor’s right to buy tickets under such programmes. If any Rules of ticket sales is violated, administration of the Hall is in a position to forbid Visitor’s attendance without reimbursement of the price of the ticket.

13 Ticket with corrections, stickers and other damages that can make impossible its checking at the entrance is considered invalid, and thus the Hall is free of the obligations.

14 Handicapped persons who use wheelchair are given special places, if request is made not later than 3 days before the Event by phone + 7 (499) 222-00-00, or e-mail tickets@zaryadyehall.com, week days from 9 AM to 6 PM.

15 Visitors are prohibited to do the following:

-bring to the Hall: weapons (including gas, pepper spray, cold steel); flammable, explosive, poisonous, strong-smelling, or radioactive substances; blades and sharp items; pyrotechnic devices; alcohol, narcotics as well as any liquids in glass containers; large-scale items.

-enter the Hall while under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or other intoxicants, as well as wearing dirty and/or tainting clothes;

-bring food and/or drinks into the auditorium;

-bring animals into the hall;

-enter the hall wearing street, sport, or beach clothes (including shorts, flip-flops);

-make noise, speak loudly (including talking by the telephone), eat or drink, raise from the seat, walk around the hall, stand in the aisle and at the doors during the event.

-in order to secure authors and/or mechanical/phonogram rights of the artists, photos, video, cinema, and tv shooting, as well as audio recording, is prohibited. In case of a violation the Hall staff have the right to use laser pointer, and demand erasing of all the recordings made.

-smoke inside the Hall (in accordance with the Federal law of Russian Federation no. 15-FZ of 2013-02-23 "On Protection of citizens from tobacco smoke and consequences of consumption of tobacco");

-enter office spaces, including artist area and stage, without permission of Administration of the Hall;

-to touch, open, move suspicious items. In case any suspicious item is detected, staff of the Hall should be informed immediately;

-to take not the seat specified in your ticket, without asking Administration for permission;

-cross installed barriers, open windows, stand or seat at aisles and stairways, enter any “staff only” rooms, draw signs or put up any flyers, posters and other information products aimed at incitement of racial, social, ethnical, and religious hatred.

16 Visitors are allowed to the Hall, and the work of the staff begins not earlier than 1 (one) hour before the event starts. Entrance to halls begins after the first warning bell rings, and stops after the third bell.

17 Seats are occupied according to the ticket. Ticket must be held until the event has finished, and should be shown to staff on short notice.

18 After the event started, entrance to the stalls is forbidden. If Visitor is late, he/she loses his right to occupy the seat specified at the ticket. In this case, the ticket is not subject to change or return.

19 The Hall bears no responsibility for loss of money, or any currency values, securities, and any precious items either left unattended by Visitor, or handed over to the cloakroom with the street clothes.

20 For security purposes, metal detector is used at the entrance to the Hall at the presence of the Hall’s security. Handheld metal detector is used for disabled persons. Visitors who use pacemaker or any other medical gadgets should inform security.

21 If Visitor refuses to pass control, Administration has the right to deny access to the Event. No refunds in this case.

22 All means of communications should be switched off, or muted during the event.

23 If Visitor loses cloakroom badge, Visitor should inform cloakroom staff or duty manager of the Hall to refund its price. Visitor who lost cloakroom badge gets his/her street clothes from the cloakroom is the last in line.

24 In the Hall, Visitors should comply with the requirements of public order, rules of theatre etiquette, and fire-safety rules.

25 If you bring flowers for artists, please, pass them to an usher, and he/she will pass them to the artist on your behalf. Flowers can be presented to artist by Visitor personally from auditorium without Visitor coming up onstage or behind the wings, if it does not contradict the rules set by the Organizer of the Event.

26 Visitors should leave the Hall after the Event is finished, and before cloakroom is closed.

27 Staff of the Hall has a right to document violation of the Rules by Visitors. Visitor who violated these Rules, rules of public order, or fire-safety requirements could be removed from the Hall, and be held administratively liable upon the initiative of the Hall.

28 Material damage in the Hall caused by Visitor is subject to compensation according to the law of Russian Federation.

29 The Hall doesn’t bear responsibility if Event doesn’t meet Visitor’s expectations, or a subjective assessment of Visitor.

30 Purchase of a ticket means that in case of TV broadcasting, photo shooting, or video recording of the event the TV company/online media or the Hall has the right to use your image (including its usage in audio-visual works) taken during the event or in connection with the event at any place with any means free of charge.