The program #зарядисьмузыкой (get charged by music) offers you:

  • quick scroll of information on all the gigs of your favourite genre, or style, in the “Bill” section
  • functional buyer’s basket
  • 10 to 20 per cent discount, depending on the chosen events

How to use #зарядисьмузыкой:

See the following hashtags included in the program in the right upper corner of “Bill” section contains list of concerts, there: In the “Bill” section of our website, the right upper part of your screen, you’ll find following hashtags included in the #зарядисьмузыкой:

#зарядиськлассикой (get charged by classics)
symphony, chamber, and instrumental music

#зарядисьбарокко (get charged by barocco)
music of XIII-XVII centuries

#зарядисьоперой (get charged by opera)
world opera stars concerts, opera gala, concerts of opera music

#зарядисьджазом (get charged by jazz)
jazz concerts

#зарядисьзнанием (get charged by knowledge)
children and adult educational programs

#зарядисьнастроением (get charged by mood)
entertainment, and holiday events

#зарядисьновым (get charged by novelty)
XX and XХI centuries music

#зарядьедетям (zaryadye for children)
family entertainment: concerts and spectacles for children and parents

#зарядисьэтно (get charged by ethno)
world music

#зарядисьтеатром (get loaded by theatre)
theater projects for adults and children 

  • To see the concerts of a certain style/genre, click the relative hashtag.
    To return to the bill click the “Bill” link on top of the page.
  • With four – or more – concerts with different hashtags in your basket you get 10% discount. The discount is calculated automatically.
  • With four – or more – concerts with one hashtag in your basket you get 20% discount. The discount is calculated automatically.

Which concerts are part of #зарядисьмузыкой (get charged by music)?

All the concerts with the aforementioned hashtags are included.

Where to see the discount, obtained during the selection of tickets?

After four (or more) tickets have been chosen, the discount is calculated automatically.

Why some concerts in “Bill” lack any hashtags?

It means that these concerts are not the part of #зарядисьмузыкой program, or it is already sold-out.

Please, notice!

  • The number of the tickets included in the #зарядисьмузыкой program is limited.
  • Discount is given after you have chosen four (or more) tickets for DIFFERENT concerts, marked with the same (or different) hashtags. Discount is not given in case you have chosen four tickets for one concert.
  • Now the program #зарядисьмузыкой is only valid for the tickets purchased at the “Zaryadye Hall” official website.