Partners and sponsors

The “Zaryadye” Hall, one of the largest and significant culture projects, welcomes all fans of classical music. 

“Zaryadye” Hall is not just a usual concert venue, but an international cultural and education centre. The Hall is a “transformer” with unique technical and sound features, and its space could be adapted to meet any requirements of any music genres, and/or needs of any production.

It is a meeting point where audience get acquainted with best world’s artists who perform outstanding classical pieces, while the artists discover their new horizons.

We firmly believe that team work lets us achieve better results. Partnership helps our Hall develop and strengthen the image of the advanced concert venue, and fulfill our ambition to remain a young and far-reaching cultural project.

Contact us if you are interested in collaboration with “Zaryadye” Hall.

By joining forces, we can do a better job, and make a significant contribution to the history of contemporary culture.

E-mail: corporate@zaryadyehall.com

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