Loyalty program

All events listed on the website of Zaryadye Hall are marked with a hashtag that relate an event to a certain genre. Hashtags not only help sort out the events according to a repertoire bias interesting to you, but also allow you get tickets discount.

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Symphony, chamber, and instrumental music

Music of 13th – 17th centuries

World opera stars concerts, opera gala, concerts of opera music

Jazz concerts

Educational events for children and adults

Entertainment and holiday events

XX and XХI centuries music

Family entertainment: concerts and spectacles for children and parents

World music

Theatre production for children and adults

Concerts of world's leading organists

  • With four – or more – concerts with different hashtags in your basket you get 10% discount.
  • With four or more concerts with one hashtag in your basket, you get 20% discount.
  • The discount is given when you buy not less than four tickets for different concerts marked with one or four different hashtags.
  • The discount is calculated automatically once the tickets are in the basket.

Attention, please!

  • The number of the tickets included in #зарядисьмузыкой program is limited.
  • Discount is given after you have chosen four (or more) tickets for different concerts, marked with the same (or different) hashtags. Discount is not given in case you have chosen four tickets for one concert.
  • Now the program #зарядисьмузыкой is only valid for the tickets purchased at the official website of Zaryadye Hall.
  • If an event has no hashtag, it means that it is not part of #зарядисьмузыкой program, or there’s sold out.