Opera “The Adventures of ‘Blue Arrow’”
Running time:
60 minutes, no break
30 May 2019 Thursday 19.00 Chamber hall
19.00 Chamber hall

Opera “The Adventures of ‘Blue Arrow’”


GAMEnsemble / The Gallery of Actual Music Ensemble
Concert children choir “Feniks” of Children music school named after Sergei Taneev led by Yelena Bessonova
Children choir of Chamber stage n.a. Boris Pokrovsky of the Bolshoi Theatre, led by Yelena Ozerova

Music by Igor Kholopov
Writers: Mariya Ogneva, Artyom Zolotaryov
Director: Ekaterina Vasileva
Conductor and director: Ayrat Kashaev (Bolshoi Theatre)
Choirmaster: Yelena Bessonova, Yelena Ozerova
Production designer: Sofia Kobozeva
Choreographer: Yaroslav Frantsev


Rose the Doll – Maria Simakova, soprano
Knob the Dog – Artyom Safronov, tenor
Toy General – Alkhas Ferzba, bass
Fairy – Olga Sidorenko, mezzo-soprano
Monument – Ilya Ushullu

“The Adventures of ‘Blue Arrow’” opera was created within the frameworks of laboratory “KOOPERATSIA – 2018”.

Laboratory “KOOPERATSIA” is a creative and educational project designed to promote young composers and playwrights. The purpose of the project is to involve young authors in the realm of music theatre, so that new works can be created, and also to attract attention of professional community to young composers and playwrights works, as well as to strengthen discussion of opera art.

With this premiere, the laboratory starts exploring a new area: creation of new operas for children, KIDS OPERA LAB. There will be several stages of the project: educational (open lectures and clinics with music theatre professionals), and practical, where an opera would be shown to young audience. 

The plot of the “Blue Arrow” is well known. There’s an expensive toy magazine, and one day some toys decide to escape this “prison” in order to present themselves to poor children, whose parents could not afford to buy the toys. On their way the toys meet numerous obstacles and adventures, and win new friends. The moral of the story: miracles do happen sometimes, and we should cherish sincerity, loyalty, and friendship.

The event is organized by
Autonomus non-profit organization “KOOPERATSIA”
TIN: 7707421849
This concert is not included in #зарядисьмузыкой (get charged by music) discount programme of the Moscow Concert Hall “Zaryadye”.