Running time:
90 minutes, no break
2 October 2021 Saturday 20.00 Chamber hall
20.00 Chamber hall


Petr Glavatskyh, drums and percussion
Music of Xenakis, Smirnov, Glavatskyh

Light artist Sergey Vasiliev
Sound engineer Ilnur Gabidullin

Petr Glavatskyh presents new programme DRUM STAND UP.

Petr, a composer, musician, and a great storyteller, creates unique music performances. This time, he tells the audience about drums, and does it with ease. Besides, he talks music, and plays his instruments freely, improvising and composing here and now. During the concert, you listen to him telling real stories of music pieces, facts about composers you’ll never learn at a music college, and, the last but not the least, the pieces themselves – music of different times and places as interpreted by the author. The new DRUM STAND UP programme is the opportunity to listen to what books are silent about.

The event is organized by: Individual Entrepreneur Golubev Denis Mikhailovich
TIN 771705718029
Address: 127434, Russia, Moscow, Dmitrovsloye shosse 7, 1
This concert is not included in discount programme of the Moscow Concert Hall “Zaryadye”.