Harlem Gospel Choir
Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes
5 December 2018 Wednesday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

Harlem Gospel Choir

Harlem Gospel Choir is the most popular choir of this genre in America. Since their foundation in1986 – sure, right in the heart of New York’s Harlem – they have performed for John Paul II in Vatican and South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, former president, and Nobel Prize winner Nelson Madela, among others. Harlem Gospel Choir is a prolific recording artist, whose resume includes work in the studio with Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Gorillaz; they also performed on stage with Bono (U2) during the "World of Hope” charity show in New York.
They are usually referred to as “angels of Harlem”, and the great late Aretha Franklin once described Harlem Gospel Choir as “a show that you can only compare to the most powerful ocean wave. From the very first notes, this music changes your mind!”