Alexey Arkhipovsky, balalaika
Running time:
90 минут в одном отделении
18 November 2018 Sunday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

Alexey Arkhipovsky, balalaika

Forget everything you thought you knew about balalaika – Alexey Archipovsky has a very special approach to the iconic Russian instrument! Hailed as “Jimi Hendrix of balalaika”, or even “Balalaika’a Paganini” by western journalists, Alexey Archipovskiy uses contemporary technologies – guitar effects etc – to make balalaika sound like never before. Virtuoso in his own right, a pupil of great Russian balalaika masters, Archipovsky has a unique sense of melody and harmony. In his music you can hear jazz, classics, flamenco, Russian folk music, and many more. The balalaika virtuoso travels all over the world to play sold out shows, while the Russian Book of Records named him “The Best Balalaika Player in the World” in 2011.