Running time:
60 minutes, no break


Beethoven Symphony №9
25 November 2018 Sunday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall


The Orchestra that follows the tradition of the
Perviy Symphonicheskiy Ansambl’ (First Symphoniс Ensemble). No conductor
“Intrada” vocal band
Beethoven’s famous Symphony №9 for orchestra, choir, and soloists. To try and perform it without conductor is a kind of death defying act without insurance! Soloists: Darya Zykova, soprano Yevgenuya Segenyuk, mezzo-soprano Boris Roudak, tenor Pyotr Migounov, bass On stage they sit in circle, face to face, with their backs to the audience. The stage lacks a podium for conductor. There’s actually no conductor at all, for all the musicians has equally important role, and each and every one is a virtuoso soloist. Modern Persymphans, recreated in 2008 by pianist and composer Pyotr Aidou, is a hair to the legendary conductor-free ensemble of Mossovet (then the City Council). The name Persymphans is kind of a usual Soviet-style abbreviation of Perviy Symphonicheskiy Ansambl’ (First Symphoniс Ensemble). The original Persymphans was founded in just a couple of years after the October Revolution, and it’s main idea perfectly matched the innovative ideas of the time: liberty, equality, fraternity. That’s why the lack of conductor is the keystone of the orchestra, and that’s why Persymphans is still considered as one of the most avant-garde bands of all times. Persimfans XXI is not an exact copy of that of 1920’s, but it does follow the predecessor’s steps: no conductor’s monocracy, the band as a collective leader, and that bizzare sitting in circle, face to face to each other, so that musicians have visual contact with each other. But the most important thing is that each and every Persimfans concert gives a rare opportunity to listen to real music rarities, be it Eastern symphonic poem “Hashish” by Lyapounov, or the air from Myaskovskiy’s “Night Kremlin” Cantata for stoolophone and orchestra.