Running time:
90 minutes, no break
3 June 2023 Saturday 12.00 Chamber hall
12.00 Chamber hall

The Canterville Ghost

Magical musical fairy tale from Arina Moroz Studio
Major cast: Vladimir Filippov, Kristina Taskina, Maria Parotikova, Konstantin Muranov, Lyudmila Lyubarets, Ivan Martynov, Olga Terekhun.
Stage director and staging author - Arina Moroz
Musical director - Maria Parotikova
Artistic director: Ekaterina Karnaukhova
Costume designer - Alexandra Bork
Computer graphics director - Polina Ustinova

Based on the story of Oscar Wilde.

For three hundred years, the Ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville has kept the inhabitants and guests of his family estate in fear. The situation changes when new owners come to Canterville. New settlers – the Otis family - make fun of the Ghost, and their younger children declare a hunt for him. Only the eldest daughter, Virginia, shows generosity. Accidentally discovering an old prediction, she tries to unravel the mystery of the Ghost and change his fate.

A musical performance based on the story by Oscar Wilde was created by Arina Moroz Studio, the creator of Andersen's Tales and Pinocchio, beloved by the audience. In the children's performances of Arina Moroz Studio, there is no boundary between the audience and the Fairy Tale. Each performance is an immersion in a magical world, an exciting adventure, in which music plays an important part. The "The Canterville Ghost" play will feature the music of Oscar Wilde's native Ireland.

The audience will experience an adventure right from the entrance, meeting with the orchestra of Irish music "Pangolin". The musicians will not only perform the most famous Irish, Celtic and English melodies, but will also introduce everyone to the instruments - bagpipes, violin, flute, guitar, double bass and percussion.

A pleasant bonus will be a tour of the labyrinths of the Zaryadye Hall, which will be held for the audience by the heroes of the performance.