World music project “Eurasian Nights”
Running time:
80 minutes, no break
14 December 2018 Friday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

World music project “Eurasian Nights”

Contemporary adaptation of Euro-Asian ethno music
The concert is cancelled due to technical reasons

The Steppe-Scape band mixes ancient Siberian folk songs with avant-rock and some futuristic electronic sound. Steppe-Scape is a unique collaboration of Russian ethno musicians, well-known in the West, e.g. Namgar Lhasaranova (of Namgar band and Namgar Project fame) from Buryatiya, Radik Tolyush (Huun-Hur Tu, Chalama) from Tuva, and muscovite Angela Manoukyan (Volga), with the German Marcus Reuter. Reuter, a former disciple of Robert Fripp, is one of the most extraordinary European musicians today. He is a composer, guitarist, and electronic musician of Crimson ProjeKCt fame, who also played with Stick Men and Namgar Project. Another foreign participant is a charismatic and virtuoso drummer Merlin Ettore.
The Russian cast of the project also includes string collective ICQ-project led by Asya Sorshneva.
On stage, the musicians of Steppe-Scape seem to invoke some shamanic energy of their predecessors, thus opening for their audience infinite steppes, woods, and mountains that stretch beyond the sky.
Each concert of Steppe-Scape turns into a ritual that mesmerizes audience and carry them away towards the far ancient horizons where power of Space meets spirits of nature. So, Steppe-Scape is a kind of alchemical synthesis of 1000-year music tradition of the Great Steppe with the music of tomorrow.
Musicians from Buryatiya, Bashkiriya, Tuva, European part of Russia, Germany, France, and Canada make up Steppe-Scape.