Rossini – Ginzburg
Aria of Figaro from “Barber of Sevillia”

Performed by “Bronze Nutcracker – 2019” Ziyu Shao (piano, China-Russia, Gnessin School)

Ballad for flute and piano 

Performed by “Silver Nutcracker – 2019” Yelena Krivorotova (flute, Gnessin School), accompanied by Anna Grishina (piano)  

Suite for piano (Pour le piano, L 95)

Performed by “Silver Nutcracker – 2015” Varvara Kutuzova (piano, Gnessin School) 

“A Little Jazz-Waltz” (for vibraphone) 

“Russian Dance” from “Petrushka” (for xylophone)

Performed by “Bronze Nutcracker – 2019” Ivan Ilyin (percussion instruments, Gnessin School) 
“Devil’s Rag” 

“Moldavian Triptych”

Performed by “Golden Nutcracker – 2019” Aleksandr Dolgov (saxophone, School n.a. Liszt) 

“Dumka”, ор. 59

Performed by “Golden Nutcracker – 2012” Aleksandr Doronin (piano, Gnessin School)

25 January 2020 Saturday 15.00 Chamber hall
15.00 Chamber hall

Closing of “Yanvarskiye Vechera” 
(“Nights of January”) Festival

Laureats of “Nutcracker” competition
Students of Gnesins School
Host – art director of children festival of arts “Yanvarskiye Vechera” Mikhail Khokhlov

Traditional gala of children festival of arts “Yanvarskiye Vechera” is not your ordinary concert, but a real celebration! This day, great pieces are performed by young virtuosos, who are also laureats of the TV competition “Nutcracker”, and young voices from the audience shout out funny questions like “Why your fingers are so fast?”, “How can you manage to remember so much music?”, “How can you hold your breath that long?”. Well, it’s not every day a young listener can leave his/her sit and ask a pianist or a violin player any question, right? Feel free to do it here!

Actually, “Yanvarskiye Vechera” sees its main task as to tear down border between stage and audience, musicians and public, as well as to discover new talents. And “Yanvarskiye Vechera” is a mutual project of Gnessin’s school and the Pushkin Museum with its legendary ““December Nights of Sviatoslav Richter” International Music Festival”.