19 March 2023 Sunday 13.00 Chamber hall
13.00 Chamber hall

Concert of Vladimir Spivakov’s
International Charity Fund
Fellowship Holders

“We want those landmarks today, thanks to which the world continues to live, and humanity develops, to help us preserve unshakable human values ​​on this long journey,” says maestro Vladimir Spivakov. – And there is only one way – in the desire to do good. And if each of us does at least one good deed, the world will become more perfect, and life will be brighter and more joyful”.

For a quarter of a century, the Vladimir Spivakov International Charitable Foundation, founded by the maestro in May 1994, has been helping young musicians find their way to the professional stage. The Foundation's fellows take part in international and all-Russian competitions and festivals, perform in the best halls of the country, outstanding musicians of our time conduct master classes for them and with them.